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6 Tips for Handling Dizziness like a Pro

Updated: Jan 29

Ohhh the dreaded spinnies! You’ve just watched your instructor wiz around the pole like a hurricane and now it’s your turn. You give yourself a little pep talk, think out your steps, and then move. As soon as you barrel into the turn, everything goes fuzzy and it feels like the world just won’t stop moving. Sound familiar? … It’s just the worst.

I’ve dealt with this for years and have found a couple of things that have helped make these experiences easier (ALSO! INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS ALIKE! Want to become certified on FabPole?? Have I got great news for you! I’ll be offering a certification at PoleCon 2020 - Find all the details here). Check my tips below for Handling Dizziness like a Pro!

1. FOCUS ON SOMETHING THAT ISN’T MOVING The first quick fix is pretty simple. Focus your eyes on something that isn't moving. Let me break it down...

If your arm is on the pole then it is staying still in your line of vision. Focus on that! Or, if your leg isn't in motion focus there. Basically, just find something that isn’t moving to focus your attention on. Try to tune out the peripheral vision of everything spinning around you and just focus on whatever is staying steady from your perspective.

2. SEPARATE YOUR VISION + JUMPING This one sounds a little confusing but trust me, it works! It’s rather simple (but just in case - I made this video explaining). On days where I find myself feeling super dizzy, I just place my hand between my eyes so that it is separating my vision, and I jump up and down. ✋👀 (Keep those eyes open while you do it!). I don't know why this works, there must be some science behind it, but I swear to you - this has been a great method for getting rid of the spins! It's worked for me and it's worked for my clients. ⁣

3. SEA BANDS I don’t know about you but when it comes to dealing with dizziness, I’m willing to try just about anything. So when @ineva told me that Sea-Bands worked for her, I was like… um yes! Do you know what I’m talking about? These little pressure point wrist bands for seasickness can actually help dizziness too. Use them with FabPole. It will help you feel like your on solid ground.


I know it's not always easy to manage your meal schedule perfectly, so don't feel like this is a rule set in stone. But, if it's possible, treat the pole like you would a rollercoaster - and don't make your body digest while it's trying to dance. ⁣

Bonus Tip! Take Dramamine or ginger before you get your session going... Makes sense right? These are remedies for nausea, and dizziness is essentially nausea.


I generally do the hand in front of face trick... which you can see here if you're curious. But there is another trick you can try if that one isn't working for you: Bounce on your heels, Flex those feet and bring those toes up, then start bouncing up and down.

I have some clients that absolutely swear by this method, so try it out! This might just be the dizziness remedy for YOU.⁣

6. CLOSE YOUR EYES Another student swears that closing her eyes alleviates her dizziness. And while I haven't given this specific tip a turn (😅) just yet, it makes sense. Similar to the idea of focusing on something that isn't moving. I will note that you should only try this if you are comfortable in a move or transition - this isn't one to try on the first go (wink wink).


These are some of my favorite go-to tips for handling dizziness like a pro. And if you want even more FabPole Love >>> Head over to our “Learn” section to check out our latest tutorials. There are a ton! Until next time

... FabPole On!

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