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Disclaimer, Terms of Use, Copyright, Trademarks

The FabPole Team wants to make your online learning the best place for you to
LEARN and to do that we need your feedback to grow. Thank you!


The instructions and advice presented in these tutorials are recommended for people who are in good health. Consult a doctor before beginning and during this and any physical routine and/or exercise. If you engage in this exercise or any exercise program you agree that you do so at your own risk. The user of these tutorials assumes the risk of injury and possible death that may result from these tutorials.  The producers, authors, creators, and distributors of these tutorial disclaim any liability of loss, damage, injury or death in connection with the use of these tutorials or information from the website, emails, texts or any communication type.
You should always warm up before attempting any workout, including FabPole tutorials and only work within your ability.

Terms of Use:

FabPole tutorials are intended for individual use. The FabPole fairies have worked very hard to prepare these tutorials. Please support us by not sharing the tutorials with your friends or on the internet and/or coping them from another individual. These tutorials are for your non-commercial, personal use only.

We understand that every learner, learns in their own individual way. Please post your questions and comment in the comment area so that other users may learn from your questions, comments and FabPole responses.


Copyright and Trademark:

All the materials, including all images, logos, videos and designs on this website are the property of  L’Ru Studios LLC and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. These tutorials are for your non-commercial, personal use only.
Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part is prohibited.


Refund Policy:
tutorials are non-refundable.
Due to the
 nature of this business and learning platform we do not provide refunds.

If you are unhappy with your tutorial, 
can't figure out the move and need more instruction, see errors in the tutorial or a way to improve the tutorial PLEASE let us know so we can provide suggestions and become a better learning platform.

If you are having problems accessing your tutorial please contact so we can help to solve the problems and get you EXPLORING!

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