Colorado Pole Championships 2013

FabPole tutorials make learning even easier. Tutorials can be purchased and accessed from all your devices, any day, and any time!
YES, 24/7! 
There are beginner, intermediate and advanced moves and Flows, where you learn and connect multiple moves and learn a flow that you can delight in. Plus there are replayed workshops and classes available for you to explore, all day and night!

Virtual Lessons
Virtual lessons allow you to learn and explore FabPole from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your home or studio. Leesi uses virtual apps to connect with you for this unique and flexible style of learning. When you buy a virtual lesson you will be contacted via email to finalize the details of your lesson including the goal objectives, date, time and which virtual app to use. Before your first virtual lesson you will schedule a "tech test" session. In this session you will verify your equipment, location and the app are working and make any adjustments for a smooth virtual lesson. We will connect on the scheduled day and time for your virtual lesson.


Teacher Training Certification
If you’ve ever seen (or played) with this wonderful combination of two beautiful aerial apparatuses you know how much fun it is! Not only can you learn how to master this art, you can learn to teach it as well. Who better to learn from than the creator herself?  Learn to teach FabPole™
to your students safely & effectively with Leesi Ruskaup. All FabPole™ teacher training certifications include – FabPole™ training workbook manual, instruction forearm up, cool down, strength training, stretching exercises, body awareness and injury prevention, FabPole™ moves, spotting techniques, student evaluation skills, transition moves, information about creating and marketing your classes and/or workshops.


Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops are another amazing way to explore and learn FabPole from the comfort of your home or studio, anywhere in the world. Leesi holds workshops that focus on spacific moves, styles of motion, performances and more for FabPole. These workshops are open to a limited number of participants. If you missed a "LIVE" workshop somewhere in the world you can join it "VIRTUALLY"  in a  technology based online workshop.


Live Classes

There are many live classes and workshops being taught by FabPole certified instructors. These studios and instructors have completed the FabPole teacher training and received certification of training for level 1, 2 or both levels. See if there is a class near you?



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