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1. Buy "Virtual Lesson".

2. You will be contacted by email to finalize the details of your lesson: goal objectives, date, time, and virtual app.

3. Tech test session.

4. Learn!


You will have personal focused instruction on your goal moves and transitions. Leesi will be able to analyze and troubleshoot your progress for an enriching learning experience.


Virtual lessons allow you to learn and explore FabPole from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your home or studio. Leesi uses virtual apps to connect with you for this unique and flexible style of learning. When you buy a virtual lesson you will be contacted via email to finalize the details of your lesson including the goal objectives, date, time and which virtual app to use. Before your first virtual lesson you will schedule a "tech test" session. In this session you will verify your equipment, location and the app are working and make any adjustments for a smooth virtual lesson. We will connect on the scheduled day and time for your virtual lesson.

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