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How To Tie Your FabPole Knot With The Tails At The Top

Updated: Jan 29

Have you been looking for a new way to tie your FabPole fabric? Or maybe you're a new FabPoler who wants to learn all the different ways to use this apparatus. Whichever the option, we've got just the thing. FabPole founder, Leesi L'Ru is walking you through how to transform your FabPole into a hammock-like experience! This setup is perfect for FabPolers at any level and adds tons of tricks - really, your imagination (with safety as a top priority) is the only limit. It's time to learn how to make this simple knot that adds more variety to your practice. Let's learn how!

How To Tie Your FabPole Knot With The Tails At The Top

What you'll need for this: Your FabPole Fabric Your Nexus Wrap and Sling System Your Pole And if you don't have a FabPole yet, what are you waiting for. Head over to our shop ASAP and pick out your perfect setup. We offer a large variety of colors and lengths for all pole sizes.

Step 1 - Start with your FabPole Fabric and Metal Ring

You're going to start by folding your FabPole fabric in half and pulling it through the ring, just as you normally would.

Step 2 - Pull your FabPole Fabric Through the Ring as Long as You'd Like Your Sling To Be

This is totally up to you to decide how long you'd like your sling to be. You may need to play around with this a few times until you find the perfect length.

Step 3 - Lay the FabPole Fabric over your arm

The piece that has the ring is the one that will have the tails. Wrap this around and hand to your other hand and pull it through.

Step 4 - Tighten Your Fabric

Tighten the sling side first and then the tail side. Place your tail through the hole on top to give it a good cinch. Make sure it's secure.

Step 5 - Attach to your pole using the Sling System

You know the drill here! Attach it using our sling system and nexus wrap and you'll be on your way!

Step 6 - Enjoy creating!

And when you do create, make sure to send us your videos or tag us in them. We LOVE seeing how creative you are and LOVE to share you with other FabPolers.

Bonus! How to untie:

Pull it apart just as you normally would!

And now you're ready to open up a whole new world of FabPole! If you need a little inspiration, head over to our tutorial gallery and find everything you need to ignite your FabPole practice.

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