Creating FabPole 2011

FabPole™ is the beautiful combination of Aerial Fabric & Pole Dancing created by L’Ru Studios’ owner, circus artist and pro pole dancer, Leesi Ruskaup.

In April of 2011 Leesi was asked by Elena Mikhaylova, the founder of Pole Dance Universe and former aerial and pole student of Leesi’s, to create something with aerial fabric and pole. After some thought and experimentation, she combined fabric and spin pole (video above) and created FabPole for a showcase performance at Pole Dancing Universe 2011.  Leesi has been teaching FabPole™ workshops and teacher training certification to pole and aerial fabric/silks lovers around the world.
With her creative choreography, passionate performances, and warm, individualized teaching style, we are thrilled to give you the chance to learn FabPole from the creator! Find out for yourself why instructors as
well as students of every skill level keep coming back to Leesi for training in this exciting dance form.
If you’ve ever seen or played with this wonderful combination of two beautiful aerial apparatuses, you know how much fun it is! Not only can you learn how to master this 
art you can learn to teach it as well. Who better to learn from than the creator herself?  Learn to teach FabPole™ to your students safely and effectively with Leesi Ruskaup.

Leesi offers private lessons, virtual lessons, workshops, and teacher training certification for FabPole™.

Leesi "L'Ru" Ruskaup has worked throughout the US as a professional entertainer in the exotic dance industry for more than 17 years. She has also trained and performed in trapeze, aerial silks, lyra, web, acro, cloud swing, hammock, hula hoop and other circus arts since 1990. She started sharing her love for dance and circus arts in 2004 with beautiful people just like you, all over the world.

Leesi became a pole champion in 2012 when she received first place in Pacific Pole Championship in the Masters Division. She continues to train, explore and create in the vertical pole and aerial worlds and shares her love for motion and dance with clients all over the world.


USPSF 2015 - Second Runner Up - Masters Division
Arnold Classis World Pole Cup 3 2014 - First Runner Up - Masters Division
Midwest & North American Pole Competition 2012 -
Second Runner Up - Masters Division
Pacific Pole Championship 2012 - First Place -  Artistic Dramatic Level 3 Masters
Miss Pole Champ West 2012 - Second Runner Up & Best Breasts
Pole Dance Universe 2011 - FabPole

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