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FabPole Brand Ambassadors

We love our FabPole Team!

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Melissa Lulik

Melissa found the magic of FabPole in October of 2016. At that time she was suffering from some medical setbacks in her pole training and FabPole allowed her to explore dance flow and strength training.

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Nicole Shepherd

Nicole is our very first Canadian Brand Ambassador. "FabPole gives me the freedom to experience pole in a different way. It gives me the opportunity to try inverts and other difficult spins that otherwise would elude me"
L1 FabPole Certified

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Abby Beyers

"I love the options it gives me to create whole new flows that integrate aerial and pole in a unique way." It also gives me a chance to work more fully with all students regardless of body type or ability level.

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She's been with FabPole since day one and continues to show her support in so many different ways. Whether sharing her dynamic combos, teaching FabPole classes  or just being all-around encouraging to all FabPolers.
L1 FabPole Certified

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FabPole feels like floating through the air. I enjoy being able to apply skills from fabric with pole skills. The possibilities seem endless and it's always a fun exploration when creating flows and combos.
L1 & L2 FabPole Certified

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Life of a Pole Trick is a long time FabPole supporter. The incredible studio owner of Life of a Pole Trick Studio in Chicago, IL. S Life of a Pole Trick competed and won 1st place using FabPole in 2016.
L1 FabPole Certified

Haylee Degroote

Brand Ambassador

Haylee is a one FabPoler you need to follow now! Her creativity is next level and she showcases this regularly in her amazing videos on Instagram and Tik Tok. She has been FabPoling for over 3 years and currently attends Altitude Fitness HV.

She says what she love most about FabPole is "The creativity it brings to the aerial arts in a way that most people wouldn’t

think of." 

Want to see Haylee's amazing moves? Follow her below!

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Haylee Dochalo Brand Ambassador For FabPole

Kara Szubinski

Certified Instructor

Kara is a FabPoler from Grand Rapid Michigan that teaches at Flirt Fitness Studios. Her flows are stunning and her spirit is even brighter!

She says what she loves most about FabPole is "I love flying and I love how I can modify up or down soo easily for students"

Leran more about Kara below! And don't forget to give her a follow!

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Studio Affiliates


Flirt Fitness

Studio Affiliate

Amy Oostveen is the owner of the amazing Flirt Fitness in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Flirt Fitness offers multiple FabPole classes on a weekly basis. And we love to see their members FabPoling away!

Amy says what she love most about FabPole is "The brand and movement goes along with all that we teach at Flirt. We focus on safety and a slow progression of movements that is structured to set students up for success. I love that FabPole does that too."

Want to learn more about Flirt Fitness? Check out their website and social below. 

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Could You Be Next?

Watch out for updates! We'll be opening our Ambassador and Affiliate programs again and we would love to have you join the family. 

We're looking for passionate FabPolers who love sharing their passion with others. Our only requirements are that you be an active FabPoler with an active social media (no following size needed!). 

Sign up below to find out first when we reopen our Affiliate Programs again!

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