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FabPole Pirouettes - Free FabPole Tutorial!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Have you been looking for a new FabPole Tutorials? Perhaps you're a new FabPole looking to learn a basic Pole and Silks move? Or maybe you're looking to add a move to you're already extensive FabPole library. Either way, we've got the perfect FabPole tutorial + it's completely free! Check out this tutorial below featuring FabPole founder, Leesi L'Ru. During this FabPole tutorials, she'll walk you through how to incorporate Pirouettes into your FabPole flows. Take this simple spin and combine it between your moves. It's the perfect way to flow in and out of your favorite FabPole combos!

Once you've tried it a couple of times, make sure to share it with us! Tag us in your post @fabpole. We can't wait to see you fly!

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