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Instructions for Measuring FabPole Fabric

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

About FabPole Fabric: FabPole Fabric is a special low/nonstretch ticot that is approximately 55" wide. This helps you stay balanced while you grip the fabric and the pole. Two tails in one hand and the pole in the other should feel close to the same 45mm grip. Measuring For Your FabPole Fabric To determine how much fabric you will need, first you’ll need to know the height of your pole.

Once you know the height of your pole, it’s time for a little math.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Step 1: Double the length of your pole in feet

Step 2: Add 1-2 additional feet for your Tail and Rigging (2 feet for a longer tail 🙂)

Step 3: Divide that number by 3 for a total number of yards


For an 8 Foot Pole:

Step 1: Double the length of your pole in feet: 8 ft x 2 = 16 ft

Step 2: Add 2 additional feet for you Tail and Rigging: 16 ft + 2 ft = 18 ft

Step 3: Divide your result by 3 for a total number of yards: 18 / 3 = 6 yards

If your result ends in a fraction, it’s best to round up since you will order from the web site using yards as your quantity.

Although this is a great way to determine your minimum length, you are not limited to the height of your pole! You can actually use FabPole at any height pole. Just place the Nexus Wrap at your preferred height and get to spinning!

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