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About Leesi L'Ru

Results That Last

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right dance and motion instructor; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Here is more information about my training, exploration and performances.


Leesi "L'Ru" Ruskaup

Leesi worked as a professional entertainer in the erotic dance industry throughout the US since the 1980s and as an aerialist since 1991. She began sharing her love for erotic dance and circus arts at Flashdance Studios in 2004. Her dream is for everyone to explore their creative and erotic selves through movement. 


USPSF 2015 - Second Runner Up - Masters Division
Arnold Classis World Pole Cup 3 2014 - First Runner Up - Masters Division
Midwest & North American Pole Competition 2012 -
Second Runner Up - Masters Division
Pacific Pole Championship 2012 - First Place -  Artistic Dramatic Level 3 Masters
Miss Pole Champ West 2012 - Second Runner Up & Best Breasts
Pole Dance Universe 2011 - FabPole

L'Ru YouTube Channel


Instructor of: Private Lessons, Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Erotic Dance, Stripper Workout, Cardio Hooping, and Dance, Pole Boot Camp, Beginner Pole, Sexy Routines, Pole Dance, Chair Dance, Lap Dance, Burlesque, Stripper Fantasy Camp and Sexy Cirque

About me: I have been dancing since I was a young girl taking ballet and jazz as a child. As an adult, I worked as a professional entertainer in the exotic dance industry throughout the US for 17+ years. I have won many amateur competitions throughout my entertaining career and recently placed in pole competitions. I have also been dabbling in trapeze and other circus arts since 1990. I began sharing my love for exotic dance and circus arts when I started teaching in 2004. My classes and workshops are meant to focus on the empowerment and beauty of being a Woman.
I hope that all women will find that they too have a sensual, erotic and creative side within them.

My dance and/or life philosophy: “If you lose your dreams you die.” and Never stop “Learning, Growing and Dreaming!”

Thank you, Robert (my very supportive husband) My Family and Friends, and Janie for watching over me.

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