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Internet it required for tutorials
1. Tutorials are listed in categories: Free, All, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Replay and Flow.

    You can use the categories drop-down menu on the top right side of the video player, search a tag or scroll the video preview windows.
2. Select the tutorial. (Internet is required for tutorials.)
3. Create an account or sign in to your account.

4. Follow the directions to confirm and pay.

5. If you do not have a PayPal account select Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

6. Sign in to access your tutorial 24/7!
You may need to log out and back in after you have made your purchase and/or refresh your screen and/or clear your cache folder if you receive an error message. Contact us if you cannot access your purchase after trying these remedies.


The Internet is required for all tutorials.
Sign in or select a tutorial and create an account.
Tutorials include; preview, slow motion with tips and troubleshooting, ending with regular speed.

Replay tutorials are recorded classes, workshops and flows. See descriptions for more details on what is included.

Flow tutorials include preview, slow motion, individual move explanation, tips and troubleshooting, ending with regular speed.

Please make comments and ask questions if needed.
If you have questions or comments please email us.


1. Select the Training ONLY or Training + Exam and pay the deposit.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to discuss the training details: goals, date, time and "tech test".

3. The remaining payment will be invoiced and must be paid before the start of the training.

4. The training workbook will be shipped to the address in your PayPal account when full payment is received.

5. When you receive your workbook we will schedule the first training session.

Once you receive your workbook you are ready to start training.
Contact me and we will discuss available dates, times (I am in Denver, Colorado which is  MST) session software or app, and usernames for software or app.
I like to do a "tech test" to make sure we are technically ready to start the training. This can be done at your convenience.
Read pages 8-10 and look through the rest of your workbook.
During the first session, we will discuss your goal objectives and any other questions you may have.

Start to learn!

You have the option to do an exam for a certificate of completion of the training. The exam is practical and will require you to teach a warm-up/cool-down, strength and flexibility, the moves and transitions in your workbook.


VIRTUAL LESSONS - Check out Ready, Set, Go Virtual to get started!

1. Buy "Virtual Lesson".

2. You will be contacted by email to finalize the details of your lesson: goal objectives, date, time, virtual app and answer any questions you may have.

3. Tech test session.

4. Learn


You will have personal focused instruction on your goal moves and transitions. I will be able to analyze and troubleshoot your progress for an enriching learning experience.



1. Read the workshop details closely for the software or app that will be used for the workshop.

2. Install the software or app and test it on your preferred video device.

3. There may be a username or you will be sent a code to connect to the workshop.

If everything works well...

4. Join the workshop

5. Provide your username for the required software or app at checkout if required.

6. Log in 10 minutes early to finalize any technical or visual problems.



After the technical session is over the workshop will start.

Learn from home and studios afar with additional support compared to tutorials.


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