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FabPole Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take the FabPole Online Training?
A. YES! Level 1 includes beginner to intermediate moves and techniques. You should have a minimum of 6 months' experience of pole and/or aerial fabric.

Level 2 includes intermediate to advanced moves and techniques. You must pass level 1 to take level 2.


Q. Can I take the Online FabPole Training, even if I am not an instructor?

A. YES! Online FabPole Training is for ANY person interested in becoming familiar with this combination of aerial fabric and vertical pole. You can learn all the basics and more in the FabPole Online Training program.

Q. Can you tell me what is included in the 

FabPole Training & Certificate?

A. YES! FabPole Digital Workbook with Color Images, Video & Resource Library with 24/7 access, How to Install & Set-Up, Warm-Up & Cool Down, Strength & Flexibility, Body Awareness & Injury Prevention, 90+ L1 and 60+ L2 FabPole Moves, Transitions & Flows, Online chat/feedback with Leesi and the FabPole team, Spotting & Evaluating Techniques (with the exam), Creating & Marketing (with the exam), Certificate of completion - must pass the exam, Promoted on Certified Classes Page (certified instructors).

Q. How long does the training take?
A. We expect each level will take between 4-6 hours depending on the student's pole and aerial skill level.
Recommended personal practice time: 20-40 hours. This includes working on individual moves and transitional FabPole flows in both directions. If possible, attend classes and workshops, engage in teaching and spotting practice, and shadow and co-teach with others.

Q. Do you need to have access to a fabric and pole "system" to take the training?

A. YES! You can purchase a Nexus Wrap and Sling System plus FabPole Fabric here. Check out the "IN STOCK" SPECIALS  for great discounts.

Q. Can I take the training from a different state or country?

A. YES! The Online FabPole Training is accessible from any state and country. All you need is an internet connection.

Q. What do "with exam"  and "plus exam", mean?

A. You can pay an additional $50 and receive additional training and feedback and the option to take the exam and receive a certificate of completion. The additional training includes: spotting and evaluating techniques, creating and marketing, advertising, and more benefits and support from FabPole. 

Q. Can I take the exam at a later date?

A. YES! You will submit move videos when you feel ready.


Q. What does the "exam" look like?
A. This is NOT about memorization!
The exam is a practical examination where you will audibly instruct and demonstrate your teaching techniques for the moves in each level and demonstrate the moves or instruct a student in doing the moves. During the exam, there will be additional troubleshooting questions to evaluate your understanding of FabPole. The exam typically takes about 1-2 hours to complete and will be by video submission whenever you feel prepared to do so.


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