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FabPole Affiliate Tutorials

We're so glad to see you're interested in creating a tutorial for FabPole's Library. We wanted to provide you with the most information to make your tutorial a simple and successful project.

We'll be making some modern updates to our tutorials but the videos below will give you a general idea of how they'll be structured.

Tutorial By Leesi L'Ru

This tutorial by Leesi L'Ru shows how the video will be structured. You'll show the full move, then we'll show the video in slow motion.

From there, we'll go into your breakdown. This can either be done while moving through the move OR we can add it as a voice over. If you'd like to have a voice over, simply record yourself talking through the steps. 

Disregard the vertical orientation. 

Tutorial By Melissa Lulik

This tutorial by @untamedmelissa showing you how she introduces herself (disregard mention of Pole Silks - We'll stick to FabPole for verbiage please).

This also shows how effective simple tutorials can be. Melissa gives incredible instruction but in an easy to understand way. This tutorial is less than 3 mins total but completely shows everything.

Be creative! Add your personality! Use simple to follow instruction. That's what will make your video shine!

Questions about creating your FabPole Tutorial?

Reach out here and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

We can't begin to express how excited we are about this program. Thank you for being the best part of FabPole!

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