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NWSS + 8 yds FabPole Fabric

NWSS + 8 yds FabPole Fabric

NWSS + 7 yds FabPole Fabric

NWSS + 7 yds FabPole Fabric

NWSS + 6 yds FabPole Fabric

NWSS + 6 yds FabPole Fabric


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What is FabPole?

FabPole is the combination of two beautiful aerial apparatuses, aerial fabric/silk, and vertical pole. Learn more about FabPole here.

How can I learn this?

Leesi teaches workshops at studios and events around the world. FabPole offers online tutorials and virtual lessons. You can learn FabPole from the comfort of your home or studio, anywhere and at any time.

Are there videos online to learn this?

YES, there are tutorials that you can rent 24/7.

Can I learn to teach FabPole?

Teacher training certification is available. The training is available online via app/software, in Denver, CO or at your studio.
Some restrictions apply when offering training at "your studio", email for more information

How do I clean my Nexus Wrap?

Clean your Nexus Wrap with alcohol, water or soap and water.


How do I clean my FabPole fabric?

When washing and drying fabric use powder detergent without fabric softeners, gentle wash cycle, cold water. Untangle before putting in dryer, dry on low until almost dry, remove and untangle.


How much weight does the FabPole fabric hold?

FabPole fabric can safely be used up to 1000 lb. Aerial non/low stretch fabric has the same rating.

FabPole did a pull test in 2015 with a used piece of FabPole fabric and the breaking point of one leg was 1690 lb.


How much weight will the Sling System hold?

The Sling System uses common mountaineering equipment and its standard ratings in Kilonewtons (KN).
A Newton is a measure of force in the metric system.
1KN = 225 pounds of force (Ibf).

The carabiner and slings are rated at 

22KN = 4,945 Ibf

The fabric attachment ring is rated at 

14KN = 3,147 Ibf 

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