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All FabPole™ teacher training certifications include – FabPole™ training workbook manual, instruction for warm up, cool down, strength training, stretching exercises, body awareness and injury prevention, FabPole™ moves, spotting techniques, student evaluation skills, transition moves, information about creating and marketing your classes and/or workshops.


*You may purchase FabPole™  fabric/silks for an additional cost - We offer the Sling System™ with the Nexus Wrap™, fabric/silks, and reviews of all attachments on the market.


If you’ve ever seen (or played) with this wonderful combination of two beautiful aerial apparatuses you know how much fun it is! Not only can you learn how to master this art, you can learn to teach it as well. Who better to learn from than the creator herself?  Learn to teach FabPole™ to your students safely & effectively with Leesi Ruskaup.

Teacher Training Deposit

FabPole Training Deposit
  • 1. Select your FabPole Teacher Training Deposit.
     Level 1, Level 2 or Crash Course (Level 1 & 2)

    2. We will contact you when we receive your deposit to confirm for training choice.

    3. We will invoice you the remainder of your training fee.

    4. Upon FULL payment we will mail your training workbook to the address on your PayPal account.

    5. Once you receiver your training workbook you will contact us.

    6. We will schedule our first training session.