FabPole Fabric is a low/non-stretch nylon, 40 denier ticot that is approximately 54" wide. FabPole fabric will help you to stay balanced while you grip the fabric and the pole. Two tails in one hand and the pole in the other should feel close to the same grip. 

How much weight does the FabPole fabric hold?
FabPole fabric can safely be used up to 1000 lb.  FabPole did a pull test in 2015 with a used piece of FabPole fabric and the breaking point of one leg was 1690 lb.

How do I clean my FabPole fabric?
When washing and drying fabric use powder detergent without fabric softeners, gentle wash cycle, cold water. Untangle before putting in dryer, dry on low until almost dry, remove and untangle.

Not seeing the specific length you need? Email info@fabpole.net for custom length FabPole fabric orders.

Follow this link to view all FabPole Fabric Colors.

FabPole Fabric

(Yards - 1 yd = 3 ft = .9144m)
  • FabPole product orders usually take 2-4 weeks to ship.
    Custom color orders may take longer.

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    Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States.

    International Orders: FabPole does provide worldwide service. Due to
    COVID 19, you should confirm that the shipping country is accepting shipments  from the Unted States. Processing times for Foreign Orders may take longer. All prices are in U.S Dollars. Buyer is responsible for duties and customs fees. Carriers shipping international packages may charge an additional brokerage fee upon delivery.

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