Have you been waiting for this? We are thrilled to be able to offer the first FabPole On Demand 2019 New Moves Workshop. 
During this workshop, FabPole Founder, Leesi L'Ru will take you through a series of movements with her helpful tips and breakdowns so YOU can nail these combos. Learn these fun and dynamic combos for yourself or students.

This Workshop is not for Beginners. Those who would be most comfortable with this material are Intermediate - Adavance FabPolers. If you aren't there yet, no worries! I've got just the Workshop for you. Check it out here.  

Once you purchase this Workshop, you'll receive an image to download which includes an exclusive link to view the video. Access this video as often as you like - the exclusive link is yours (and only yours) forever.

2019 New Moves Workshop | Intermediate - Advance

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