NAPDC 2014

Virtual workshops are another amazing way to explore and learn FabPole from the comfort of your home or studio, anywhere in the world. Leesi holds workshops that focus on spacific moves, styles of motion, performances and more for FabPole. These workshops are open to a limited number of participants. If you missed a "LIVE" workshop somewhere in the world you can join it "VIRTUALLY"  in a  technology based online workshop.


1. Read the workshop details closely for the date, time and time zone, and the app that will be used to hold the workshop.

2. Sync your time zone with the workshop time.
3. Install the app and test it on your preferred video device.

3. Purchase the workshop.

4. Warm-up and stretch before the tech test and workshop begin.
5. You will be provided a link to enter the 
workshop to your email provided at registration.
5. Join the workshop 10 minutes early for the "tech test" session. 



After the technical session, the workshop will start.
Learn from home and studios afar with additional support compared to tutorials.

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