FabPole (aka Pole Silks)
Training Plus Certification
Level 1


If you’ve ever seen (or played with) this wonderful combination of two beautiful aerial apparatuses, you know how much fun it is!
Not only can you learn how to master this art,
but you can also learn to teach it as well.
Who better to learn from than the
creator herself? 
Learn to teach FabPole™ to your students
safely & effectively
with Leesi Ruskaup at the convention you love and adore - Pole Con 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take this workshop?
A. YES! This training will include beginner to intermediate moves and techniques to progress the moves to intermediate. You should have some awareness of pole and/or aerial fabric.


Q. Can I take the FabPole Level 1 training even if I am not an instructor?

A. YES! FabPole Level 1 training is for ANY person interested in becoming familiar with this combination of aerial fabric and vertical pole. You can learn all the basics and more in this intensive FabPole training. The training covers beginner to intermediate moves so you w and you don't have to take the exam.


Q. Do you supply the fabric for the training?

A. YES! I will provide the fabric for the training. You only have to worry about getting to the training at 9:00 am on August 13, 2020.

Q. What does "Cert Exam" mean?

A. You can pay an additional $50 and attend the instructor training portion of the workshop where we cover, spotting and evaluating techniques, creating and marketing, and the option to participate in the group exam or schedule the exam virtually. You only have to take the exam if you want to receive a certificate, advertising, and additional benefits and support from FabPole.

Q. Can I take the exam at a later date?

A. YES! If you do not feel ready to take the exam after the training, you can schedule to take it "virtually" at another time. You should stay for the lecture portion of the "Cert Exam" for important instructor training including spotting and evaluating techniques and creating and marketing.


Q. What does the "exam" look like?
A. You will demonstrate the moves you have learned. You can use your workbook, notes and ask any questions for a better understanding of the moves.


Q. Can I purchase multiple units for my studio?

A. YES! Make your purchase early and you can pick them up at POLECON! ORDER NOW

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